Parent Perspectives

“My son enjoys quiet activities more than physical activities.  BIGG Fitness provided him with the knowledge to understand the importance of holistic health.  He’s been able to share the benefits of certain foods and superfoods.  He enjoyed the exercises which made him more committed to exercise at home.  For example, he finally ditched his training wheels and is bicycling big boy style now.  He also enjoyed the teachers and the snacks.”

“I enjoyed my son’s knowledge about whole body health—how much mind, emotions and what we eat are all connected.”

“BIGG Fitness has introduced my child to new healthy snacks that he hasn’t had before.”

“Since joining BIGG Fitness my daughter has been more open to trying vegetables.”

“I like the fact that BIGG Fitness has introduced my child to different kinds of physical activities.”

“My son does more outside activities.”

“My child drinks more water and less soda.”

“My daughter is more willing to exercise.  She is also more aware of what foods and drinks are healthy for her.”

“My son suggests that we exercise after dinner and  he wants to eat more vegetables.”

“What I liked about the program is the knowledge my son gained about nutrition and physical activity.  It was more than I expected, so for me the program is very good.”

Student Perspectives

“I wish BIGG Fitness was everyday.”

“I can fill my bucket and other people’s buckets when I say nice things or help others out.”

“I learned how to jumprope!”

“I learned how much sugar there is in different drinks.”

“I set a goal  to not watch TV for 2 weeks and did it!”

“I tried jicama for the first time and now I have my mom shopping for it.

“The fitness stations are fun.”

“My favorite activity was using the stability balls.”

“I like the balance disks and obstacle courses.”