Let us tailor a program to meet the needs of your learning community. Choose from the list of offerings below, adjust for before/after-school, during recess breaks, evening event, or other… and bring a Healthy Mindset to your learners!

1.  BIGG Fitness Bootcamp (K-5)

     … a healthy alternative to support your school’s needs

Don’t miss out on the opportunity  for your students to move more, eat healthier and build an “I Can Do It” attitude that boosts confidence in classroom.

The BIGG Fitness Bootcamp After-School program runs for 6-10 full sessions, and advances throughout the school year. Students set goals and then follow a unique program specifically designed for their level toward achieving those goals. All while having fun and learning about healthy lives and positive well-being!

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2.  Healthy Habits Expo

Promote the importance of healthy bodies and minds by hosting a school-wide event.  Whether you are looking to provide fun fitness/heath activities during school hours, recess or in an after-school event we can help.

What healthy recipe would you like to “cook-up” for the students in your school? Take a look at our healthy habits menu:

    • Ready for a head-to-toe challenge? Try our mini boot camp workout and test your upper, lower, core and cardio strength.

    • Are you making healthy eating choices? Join these nutritional games and find out.

    • Hungry? Let’s break for a nutritious snack

    • Got dirt? Plant your own vegetable/fruit.

    • Are two heads better than one?  Test out these team building activities and decide for yourself.

    • Do you have the right “tude” for success?  Let’s nourish your mind w/ motivational thoughts.  Create your own personal “cheer chart” that will inspire and motivate you.

    • How Full is Your Bucket?  Learn the impact that your words and actions have on you and others.

    • What can you do besides watch TV?  Take the 10 day challenge and dump the tube.  We’ll brainstorm healthy activities that you can do instead.

    • So you think you can dance?  We’ll pump the tunes and test your skills with – Zumba, Macarena, Electric Slide or line dancing.

    • Got Goals?  Learn why goals are important and go home with tools needed for setting, monitoring and celebrating your personal goals.

Contact us so we can help you build a menu that meets your needs and budget.  Pricing varies depending on number of students, hours and activities.


3.  Parent Workshops

Keep an eye out for a workshop at your school, or better yet… request one! We’d be happy to work with your school to bring one of our powerful and fun classes to your community.

  • Raising Healthy Kids : Gain strategies that will motivate your child to move more, eating healthier and build self esteem.

  • Help Your Child Achieve Results : Learn about  3 key components: goal setting, habits and empowering thoughts that will help your child reach his/her full potential.

  • 30 Day Challenge : Encourage parents to join our challenge and change their child’s mindset in 30 days.  Learn quick tips and techniques that  can easily be implemented at home that will inspire and motivate your child in reaching their goals.  Includes four 30 minute phone conference (once a week) along with learning materials and resources.

    • Week 1: Where is your child now?

    • Week 2:  Where do you want your child to be?

    • Week 3: How will you support their journey?

    • Week 4: Reflection and next steps