ABC Line-Up

Here’s a quick game you can do with your child to reinforce letter recognition and abc order.

Putting letters in ABC order







  1.  Use ABC letter cards or make your own.
  2. Scatter the cards on the floor or in a pocket chart (see photo) face up.
  3. Sing the ABC song with your child.
  4. Ask your child to identify the first letter in the alphabet.  Guide as needed.
  5. Look for letter A in the pile and place it in the 1st pocket or place it to the top left of your work area.
  6. Repeat step #4-5 for each letter of the alphabet.

Tip: Remember to give your child the opportunity to try to guess the next letter on his own first.  Provide support as needed.

Make the game easier:

Use 2 sets of alphabet cards.  Line-up the 1st set of cards in order going left to right.  Scatter the 2nd set of abc cards face up below the 1st set.  Point to the letter A that is in the 1st set and have your child say the name.  Next have your child find the letter A in the 2nd set (the scattered set) and place that card on the A in the 1st set.  Repeat for each letter.

Make the game more challenging:

Use lower case letters instead of upper case.


What ABC games does your child enjoy?

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